Pou Kapua Pacific  

have a very dynamic, vibrant, and skilled team,

passionate about our planet, people, culture and language and

capable of sustainable transformation through creative works,

teaching and learning, systems design and strategic development,

research and evaluation.

Our team includes:

Wikuki Kingi, QSM, Tohunga Toi Ake, Executive Trustee, Design Director, Cultural Symbologist

Tania Haerekitera Wolfgramm, Executive Trustee, Systems Sculptor, R&D, Cultural Psychologist, Evaluation Specialist

Dr Rachel Maunganui Wolfgramm, Trustee, Academic Scholar (UoA) International Business, Organisations, Sustainability

Korotangi Kapa-Kingi, Trusteee, Sculptor / Master Carver, Arts Lecturer, Design Specialist, Te Reo Advocate

Rangatahi Roopu - Design / Development / Testing / Refinement - 'Reality Checking'

Johanna Burrell - Young Adult Culture - Multicultural Diversity

Darcy Russell - Youth Culture - Social Media Design; Project Coordination / Administration

Vincent Wolfgramm-Russell - Mathematician, Algorithmist, AI, ML, Tech Specialist

Ashlin Rolfe - Creative Writer, BioTech, Conservation

Te Ranga Carving and Arts Academy

Te Ranga Carving School, named after Wiremu Te Ranga (Piri) Poutapu was founded in the 1930s. Among his early cohort of students was Inia Te Wiata of Ngati Raukawa ki te Ronga who later carved the Pou Ihi that stands in New Zealand House in London. Te Uranga o Te Ra Kingi was also a student of Piri Poutapu, and became the Tohunga Whakairo for Te Ranga Carving School on Piri's passing. The mantle of leadership of Te Ranga Carving and Arts Academy has now passed to his son Tohunga Toi Ake Wikuki Kingi. Te Ranga Master Carvers Inia Te Wiata II, Tommy Rawiri, Kingi Tawhiao, Rei Mihaere and Warren McGrath, worked on the creation of Pou Kapua over the years. Other Te Ranga carvers and artists include Des Kahotea, Taite Bevan, Te Reinga Kingi-Chase, Te Rangi Martell, Mitchell Martell, Ripeka Mihaere, Lara Ruakere, Roimata Kingi, Nicola Te Kiri, and the next generation of whanau and tamariki who have supported the creation and conservation of Pou Kapua.

Pou Kapua Creations has an extended Kainga, friends and colleagues from across Aotearoa New Zealand, the Pacific, the Americas, and throughout the world, including the Native Science Academy, the Cultural Conservancy, and Bioneers. Yes, we are indeed are large, growing ... exceptional Global Kainga!

We honour many of our Elders, Tohunga, Knowledge Holders who have supported us for many decades and who have now passed on ...           

Te Uranga o Te Ra Kingi, Tohunga / Traditional Knowledge Holder

David Tapueluelu Wolfgramm, Vava'u Tonga / Traditional Knowledge Holder

Puroku Fraser Tawhai, Tohunga / Traditional Knowledge Holder

Kirikowhai Evelyn 'Tuss' Kingi, Kuia / Traditional Knowledge Holder

Inia Te Wiata, Tohunga Whakairo / Cultural Advisor, Design Executive