Pou Kapua Creations

provides teaching and learning experiences,

ancient and new, traditional and contemporary,

within an environment that encourages academic excellence and critical reasoning,

whilst advancing each participant’s skills, abilities and competencies.

Retaining a strong commitment to research-based learning in arts, science, and enterprise we will build on existing expertise and projects, and focus on several areas of Pou Kapua Creations team competencies, including:

  • Cultural intelligence and advice
  • Innovative design and strategic development
  • Systems development
  • Indigenous language revitalisation
  • GRID Pacific - high-resolution 360 degree 3D info & imagery
  • HAKAMANA Healthcare Solutions / Fanau Ola
  • Research
  • Evaluation
  • Training, tutoring / mentoring / coaching
  • Creative works across multiple context, including
  • Sculpture: all media inc. wood, stone, metal, glass, ceramic, pounamu
  • Whakairo: all aspects of traditional wood carving - taonga, whare, waka
  • Kōhatu: natural rock, stone, crystal
  • Creative Arts: fine arts, kowhaiwhai, drawing, painting, photography
  • Storytelling in multiple media (living environment, film/tv/web/print
  • Performing Arts: all aspects of music, song and dance, kapa haka, waiata
  • Fibre and Fashion - raranga/weaving; kakahu/clothing; contemporary applications 
  • Native science: environment, natural ecologies, navigation, astronomy / matariki
  • Whanau Ora / Kainga Moui Lelei - holistic health and wellbeing, rongoa / medicine
  • Food/Kai: kai ora, nutrition, hospitality
  • Architecture and Design: urban, rural, landscape, building, home
  • New Technology: software, hardware, games, graphics, web design
  • Wai and whenua (water and lands) restoration - planting, rural development, fencing

We will continue to carry out and foster research and creative work which seeks to understand the complexities and dynamics of Māori, Pacific, and Indigenous people’s culture/s and their multifaceted interdependencies with the relational universe. The works produced provide for their cultural expression through multiple media, spanning arts and technology, and lead to positive outcomes for their creators and those with whom they engage.

We are very competent researchers and evaluators and have undertaken a broad range of projects spanning health, economic development, social wellbeing, environmental sustainability and whakapapa-based ecologies. Tania is a founding board member of the Aotearoa New Zealand Evaluation Association, has led the Pacific evaluation portfolio and works with the Maori evaluation portfolio. As native scientists all of our work has a strong foundation of value and evaluation, search and research, creation and co-creation.