Welcome to Pou Kapua Pacific




We invite the Peoples of the Pacific ... of the World

All of our Relations, North, South, West, East, Above, Below

All of our Relations of the Oceans, Islands, Rivers, Mountains

All of our Relations - our Whanau - Pasifika and Maori of Aotearoa



We invite you to join us on an exciting journey to a place of balance, harmony and integration.

This journey will awaken your awareness that you have the capacity and the tools to transform, and increase your ability to shift

  • From fragmentation to integration
  • From aggression to kindness
  • From being absent to being present
  • From tension to relaxation 
  • From doubt to clarity
  • From denial to commitment

We invite you to visualise planet earth and all living beings as an integrated living entity.

We invite you to feel fully integrated with yourself, your whanau, the groups you are a part of, including the human community and all of our fellow travellers, large and small, of the universe.

Pou Kapua Pacific warmly welcomes you to our Global Kāinga – to our ever-increasing extended Whānau / Family who are passionate about supporting our peoples - Pacific, Maori and Indigenous from across the earth, islands and oceans of our wonderful planet.

We recognise the natural universe

as our primary educator and healer.

We learn, shape and share our ancient wisdom, unique knowledge,

ways and skills for the creation of exceptional taonga.

Expressed through arts and scientific endeavour,

we seek to strengthen the spirit, heart, bodies, minds and mana of our peoples.  

Pou Kapua Pacific seeks to ignite and empower traditional knowledge holders, contemporary scholars, educators, practitioners and artisans from the Pacific, Aotearoa New Zealand and from around the globe to come together and collectively expand the horizons of Pacific and Indigenous knowledge and practice. With thought, word and symbol, we focus on making our natural native world visible through our culture, art and science.

Pou Kapua Pacific supports the aim of our Global Kainga to participate more fully in the knowledge society and economy by enhancing education, stimulating innovation, combining action research and development with dynamic evaluation to achieve socio-cultural health and wellbeing, holistic wealth, and realise their vision of Pacific Whanau Ora.

Pou Kapua Pacific creates wonderful Taonga Oranga. These keep our Pacific and Indigenous cultures alive through nurturing our creative spirit; they provide us with a safe space and place for connecting / re-building relationships; teach us as they express ancient stories of health, moui lelei, fanau ola, hauora and remind us of our responsibilities regarding the earth, seas, skies, nature - indeed of all living things!

Umata e!     Aloha e!     Aniwaniwa tonu e!

E Ao ake nei ... Hau mi e ... Hui e ... Ta iki e...

Collaboration: MANA VR Collective

Honouring Cultural & Creative Genius in Reality and Virtual Reality

A collaboration between Hakamana, Pou Kapua Creations, Reality Virtual, IDesign Media/River, the MANA VR Collective are a culturally diverse Maori / Kiwi / Pacific team comprising entrepreneurs, technology experts and artists who are passionate about the innate value of storytelling. Through our Planet Māori Manukura, Te Mana Raraunga (Māori Data Sovereignty Network), Māori ICT Network, Industry Alliances, University of Auckland, and Auckland University of Technology networks, we have extensive multi-tribal, multi-institutional, and multi-sectoral support connections across New Zealand, the Pacific, and internationally. The MANA VR Collective has a unique skillset that integrates cultural identity, data science and analytics, the latest in VR and immersive experience technologies, platform design and development, media production, and brand strategy. Combining great process methodologies with the latest digital innovations we create beautiful, bespoke, meaningful VR and digital experiences.

See our profile to learn more about the MANA VR Collective

pdf fileMANA VR Collective Profile Sep 2017.pdf,

Current Project:  MANA / Pou Kapua in Virtual Reality

Collaboration between Pou Kapua Creations & Reality Virtual, Auckland New Zealand

pdf fileMANA in VIRTUAL REALITY - Feb_2017.pdf,

Go to: http://www.realityvirtual.co for the latest video of Pou Kapua in VR

See also the Official NVIDIA Blog on the Pou Kapua / Reality Virtual VR Demo at the Game Developer Conference (GDC 2017) in San Francisco